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Post by The Unbunny on Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:42 pm

We've all heard the official position: there will be guild halls, there is no ETA yet.

Well I've been planning the mechanics for them and I have saved ArenaNet a lot of sweat; they can just relax and write the code now!  Okay, that's overstating things, but here are my ideas:

  1. Access is via a portal in LA.  Walking through the portal takes you to the hall of the guild you are currently representing if they have a guild hall.
  2. The Guild Hall Guard out front will admit you to any guild hall to which you have been guested or to the hall of any guild to which you belong but are not currently representing.
  3. Guild vendors such as Armorer, Weaponsmith, Registrar (who can change your emblem) and Banker are automatically available in (moved to?) the Guild Hall.  Additional vendors can be purchased with influence.  These might include Personal Bankers, Outfitters, Black Lion Representatives, and Master Crafters.
  4. You can host parties in your Guild Hall and guest "everyone" for enough influence. 
  5. The Guild Hall more closely resembles a hall than the islands of GW1 because we no longer have guild vs guild battles.  Open court yards and beach front should be some of the available options.
  6. For enough influence, function hosting options are available including a special color talk channel for ranks authorized to use it, a stage, strobe lights, etc.
  7. Blondie gets a prominent place to stand on top of and dance.  (NOTE to ArenaNet: this has sentimental significance for our guild dating back to GW1).

That's what I have for the moment.  Guildies, feel free to embellish!
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The Unbunny
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