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Warrior Build Theory Crafting Empty Warrior Build Theory Crafting

Post by Ravenscroft on Tue May 21, 2013 7:57 pm

I have been doing some theory crafting of builds based on neat concepts seen online in preparation for an eventual lvl 80 warrior.

This is my first concept which informs all of my variations.
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The weapons can be modified a great deal but using a main hand sword is a cornerstone. This varient is currently using sword sword and rifle, but as I said you could do sword shield, Axe sheild, hammer, longbow, Greatsword. Many other weapon options will compliment very well and may be superior in actual play testing.

The quick and dirty overview:
This build is heavily into condition damage to make bleeding stronger and has decent toughness to provide good armor and average health. You can expect to be running around with about an 80% chance to critical with this build, 100% under fury which is frequent. Bleed duration is increased by 75% meaning longer bleeds and more damage from them.

The Details:
Base critical chance 49%
with food items Bowl of Fancy Potato and Leek Soup and Quality Maintenance Oils (lvl 60 buff due to cost) crit chance is 59%
+ 10% crit chance from blademaster trait = 69% chance
+ 9% from a full adrenaline bar from Heightened Focus Trait = 78% chance
+ major sigil of perception at full charge or superior at lvl 15 charge =~~ 85% crit chance
+ Fury boon = 105% chance to crit while using a sword

This build focuses on spreading bleed through sword skills. Rifle 1. Sword burst skill and traits and sigils.

Arms adept minor trait Precise Strikes gives me a 33% chance to cause bleeding on a critical hit. Superior Sigil of earth gives me 60% chance to cause bleeding on critical hit. these two chances do not stack. They are independent in activation so i have the potential to apply 2 stacks of bleeding from one critical hit. and since I am going to critical anywhere from 70-100% of the time depending on effects I am going to cause a lot of bleeding.

condition duration is boosted by 10% from the givers weapon offhand, and could be increased by having 2 givers weapons if you wished.
10% increased bleeding duration (IBD) from givers + 50% IBD from Deep Cuts trait + 15% IBD from the 2nd rank rune buff = 75% longer bleeds on my target
and the grandmaster minor trait attack of opportunity results in 10% increased damage vs bleeding foes

The Opportunist IX trait is really valuable because it gives free fury on immobilize which is even more effective when paired with sword burst, shield, hammer, and bullstrike.

I have it traited with Missile Deflection to allow you to ignore rangers and thieves who wish to bring you down with projectiles but it may be a little 1 dimensional as you will only be able to activate it with Riposte unless you are doing a second weapon set with a shield.

The utility skills will change depending on PVE or WvW as you must fight a human much differently than you do a mob. Skills like bullstrike would be rather pointless in PVE but being able to knock an opponent down and prepare to stack up some bleeds would be very handy in WvW

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This varient adds two berserkers weapons allowing for a bit of spike damage when the enemy gets low. Eviscerate is deadly when properly powered and I would be curious to see whether it can perform under these lower power conditions.

Condition Resistance Build
This variant focuses on full powered offense while negating enemy conditions. It was inspired by a youtube video of a warrior running havok on his enemies while essentially ignoring all conditions. I adapted the concept to function with the same trait set up as the Bleed Master build.

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The weapons on this build are highly modifiable as the trait lines it uses highlight many of the most popular weapons.

This build uses full berserkers set utilizing the food Bowl of lemongrass poultry soup to reduce condition duration by 40%, Dogged March (the new trait) to reduce control conditions by 33%, and the full set of melandru runes to reduce conditions and stuns by 25% so you end up with a 65% reduction on all conditions and a 98% reduction on all control skills. I expect they may have to do something to nerf this eventually but it does require a significant investment of build focus.

The build hits like a freight train using full power and precision to result in a crit chance that is about the same as the Bleed Master, 100% under full effects, and loading up on critical damage buffs resulting in about a 73% critical damage boost when using the Axe Sheild.

This build benefits from the same trait synergy as the Bleed Master but has even more immobilization and control. plus 2 block skills to feed Missile Deflection.

It will still lay on bleeds but it is not going to extend their duration quite as much, or cause them to stack up for nearly as much damage.

I would love some feedback or thoughts on these builds, it will be awhile before i get to test them but in theory at least they should work very well. The Bleed Master may prove to be far more effective in PVE than in WvW. But I know the Condition Resistance Build is proven using slightly different traits.
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Warrior Build Theory Crafting Empty Re: Warrior Build Theory Crafting

Post by BlondieJess on Wed May 22, 2013 5:23 pm

Build concept a-la-Blondie: Push 1. Push 2. Get mad because the monster hit me. Push 3 a few times. Try and dodge, jump instead. Reach for 7, push 6 and get mad because I just wasted my heal skill. Push 1 again. For a little variety, push 7 and 8. Suddenly remember that I have a really cool elite. Use it on an ambient creature. Push 2 again.


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