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Warrior Bleed build  Empty Warrior Bleed build

Post by Ravenscroft on Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:59 pm

This guy put together a build that capitalizes on the warriors ridiculous ability to critical, and using sigil of earth and traits to apply massive stacks of bleeding. I figure this could be adapted to fit peoples play styles and I post it specifically because Bunny was asking about the concept.

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I am not a warrior player (yet lol) so I am not familiar with all the traits and build crafting but by focusing on boosting the crit chance to around 90 percent through foods, traits, gear, and utilities the build is able to achieve a 10 stack of bleed on monsters simply using the auto attack on the sword. When it is combined with bursting etc you can see him get into the 20s.

I would personally leave out the sigil of rage he uses because the 45 sec internal cooldown will drop your bleed occurances (procs in his terms). When a sigil activates it triggers an internal cooldown which has been added to the hover text now, and so long as the cool down is active it is my understanding that no other sigil can activate.

His rising might build from early in GW2 is another example of a strong set up but it is so old now that many traits and features have changed.
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