GW2 Member Information

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GW2 Member Information

Post by Ravenscroft on Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:01 am

Add your GW2 Chat Names you received during account registration so that other members can find you in game. We will work to update the first post as names are added.

Hero Members
Forum Name/ChatIDCharacter NameClassRaceProfession 1Profession 2Affiliation
Bunni Zu HeltzerNecromancerHumanTailorArtificerPriory
The Un Bunny?WarriorNornJewelerChef
Mrs Bunny/
A Beautiful Bunny.#needed
Malachi RavenscroftGuardianHumanArmorsmithWeaponsmithVigil
Theodin RavenscroftRangerNornLeatherworkerHuntsman
Mordecai RavenscroftNecromancerSylvariArtificerTailor
Hefestus Ravencroft?EngineerAsuranJeweler
Blondie RavenetteMesmerHumanTailorChefPriory
Bored Teddy Bear.4068
Danse RusseEngineerHumanWhispers
Point of Administrative concern: This Table is one way in which we can organize this information, it is time consuming to update though because of the way that the forum coding handles tables (it is not a simple excel interface).
We may decide we want to organize this in a less formal/table-like way and just have a narrative style which would be far easier to update as information is provided

Bunny : UnBunny.4781
Mrs Bunny : A Beautiful Bunny.(will add serial number later)
Blondie : Blondie.6321
Ravenscroft : Ravenscroft.3041
Bear : Bored Teddy Bear.4068

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Duke Ravenscroft
Duke Ravenscroft

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Re: GW2 Member Information

Post by The Unbunny on Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:03 am

I think the table provided by the game in-game will do us just fine. It will only show the most recent character logged. but collecting and maintaining complete data is more than any of us cares to do.
The Unbunny
The Unbunny
Duke of Oh Look I Agroed
Duke of Oh Look I Agroed

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