Currently Agreed upon Policy for Promotion

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Currently Agreed upon Policy for Promotion Empty Currently Agreed upon Policy for Promotion

Post by The Scribe on Thu Jul 12, 2012 3:45 pm

The purpose of this document is to promulgate the currently agreed upon policy for promotion which the Charter requires the Dukes and Duchesses to publish.

1. Dukes/Duchesses: Like the Barons/Baronesses rank, Dukes/Duchesses are infact a single rank. Depiction in the Guild screen in-game as two ranks is purely a nod to the theme of the game and the fantasy-epic motif; Dukes are male and Duchesses are female - these are not two separate ranks. Per the Charter, there is a maximum cap of 4 people at this rank; there is no room to promote four more Dukes and Duchesses. The current position on promotion of replacement Dukes and Duchesses, in the event one of the existing chooses to leave or becomes unable to continue, is to "play it by ear," the fact that we have a policy of drama limitation and a well established operating system (Charter and supporting documents) removes the need for a lot of people to be involved in "running things." It is entirely possible that a vacancy might be left open indefinitely.

2. Barons/Baronesses: Due to the low population of HERO, there is currently no need perceived and therefore no intent to promote any Barons/Baronesses. This is expected to change quickly once GW2 launches or if recruiting should produce a dramatic increase within GW1 before then.

3. Knights/Dames: Consequently, Knight/Dame is the highest available authoritative rank and should be regarded with significant respect; we are confident in their abilities and judgement and if a Knight or Dame takes some action on a matter, we are going to back them except in unimaginable extremis. There is no current limit established on the Number of Knights and Dames that will be promoted. Currently, we are not requiring any credentials beyond what is stated in the Charter. Anyone sufficiently impressive may be asked to accept Knighthood. Further, any current Knight or Dame may recommend new Knighthoods to the officers.

4. Squires: At the moment, Squires may be made by any Knight/Dame or above. Promoting a person to Squire is an obligation on the part of the person granting the promotion to educate the Squire in the HERO way so that they can achieve more significant promotions. This mentorship is 90% cultural/philosophical and 10% leagalistic/procedural. Right thinking leads to right action, so thought and attitude are the most important areas of concentration. When the population grows to a significant size (in the opinion of the Dukes and Duchesses), We expect to limit this activity so that only Knights and Dames promote Squires and then only one per Knight or Dame at any given time. This should not be interpreted as in the historical sense where the Squire followed the Knight around as a personal Valet; the relationship is not binding beyond the mentorship role described earlier. Nothing prohibits role-playing the parts though, if both parties have fun with it.

A demoted Squire who requests review shall have their case reviewed by a single Judge appointed to the case.

5. Promotion of Footmen is not regulated in this document; the Charter provides sufficient control. If a Peasant is making the grade, any Knight or Dame or above can grant the promotion without restriction.

6. Peasants are required to remain Peasants for not less than 3 days from the date of their invitation. This may be extended by the lack of opportunity to observe them; if a Peasant doesnt log on for those 3 days, we really don't know if we like them well enough to promote them (and grant them the protection of judicial review). If a Peasant fails to log on for oover a week, that alone is cause for dismissal (without restricting their re-invitation later). Peasants are not protected by judicial review; if a Peasant is sufficiently negative, problematic, or disruptive to motivate anyone with sufficient authority to kick them, they may be kicked without restriction. Out and out Trolling by a kickee should be reported to an Officer so that Banishment can be considered.

7. Lords and Ladies: The Charter does not subject Lords and Ladies to governance under this document and we shall not introduce such governance here; guidance in the Charter is sufficient.


The Dukes and Duchess (in Council)
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