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Post by The Scribe on Tue Jun 26, 2012 2:27 pm

Welcome to Knights of the Realm [HERO]!

ABOUT US: Our core ideals are Courage, Chivalry, Honor, and Virtue; the founding members are absolutely committed to these values.  Our homeworld is Stormbluff Isle. We are building a friendly, cooperative, mature guild to enjoy Guild Wars 2. For everyone's benefit, we have facilities in place; this forum (register free here) and a private voice-chat server for voice communication (Voice Chat Information HERE). 
When registering for the forum or voice server: Please use a name that reflects your Guildwars2 Account name so that everyone will be able to recognize you both in-game and on the forums.

OUR HISTORY: Our founding members have accomplished all of the most difficult PvE tasks in GW1 and we are looking forward to doing it again in GW2 as soon as possible. If you want to generally have fun in PvP and enjoy the contest, part of our project is aimed at precisely that! If you want to rise to the top of the PvP ladder and dominate The Mists, we are probably not the guild you are looking for, at least not yet. An evolving plan is in place to work PvE and PvP together for mutual benefit, making full use of the game's built-in mechanics.

OUR FUTURE: The HERO project is based on lessons learned from various guilds in GW1. While we don't expect to be perfect, we are putting our experience together to create a safe environment, free of trolls and "taxes," devoted to the fun of online, interractive, social play.

OUR OFFER: If you are interested in becoming a HERO, please join our forum, introduce yourself, and be sure to put your chat name (example: My Character Name.9999) in your introduction, telling us you want to join.  We will send you an invitation in-game as soon as possible!  

You can also whisper any Duke or Duchess in game and we will be happy to add you. Identifying Dukes and Duchesses is easy using the Guild Roster in game.

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