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Post by The Unbunny on Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:35 pm

The Jeweler trade and the recipe list turned out to be very predictable once I learned how the game designers thought with respect to a jeweler's recipee book.

Components of any jewel are a metal mount and an inset.
The proficiency goes roughly: Copper, Silver, Gold, then maybe Platinum.
The tasks go roughly: refine, fabricate components, make products.
The products go: ear-ring, hand-ring, necklace, improved insets.

Putting these observations together, one starts out refining copper ore into copper ingots.
Next, fabricate settings.
Then unlock mounts in order; hooks to make ear-rings, bands for hand-rings, and chains for necklaces. Unlocking the next mount requires successful creation of one completed item (you need an earring to unlock the ability to make a band for a hand-ring).
Making each of the above requires 3 components; setting, mount and inset (pebbles).

Then you unlock filigree allowing the upgrade of a pebble inset to an adorned inset.
The process repeats: improved ear-rings, hand-rings, and necklaces, using setting, mount and adorned inset.

Graduate from copper to silver for the working metal.
Unlock transmutation allowing the creation of entirely new stones; requires glittering dust and two different pebbles or a pebble and a copper dubloon.
The process repeats: silver settings and hooks (ear-rings), bands (hand-rings) and chains (necklaces).

Combine silver filigree and transmuted stones for improved transmuted stones. This progression gets you up into level 110+.
The products repeat: improved ear-rings, hand-rings, and necklaces, except at this point a fourth component is required which I never discovered.

No clues showed themselves in red in the recipee list. I still had several colored recipees, meaning I could still advance from level 118 (when I ran out of silver) and possibly yet unlock the mystery component recipee in red at level 120 for availability at level 125; that's the way it works in the trades - you are teased with recipees in red 5 levels before you have them available.

There is a regular progression above; acquire inset (pebble, adorned pebble, transmuted pebbles,...) acquire metal (copper, silver, gold,...), create setting and mount, create new jewel, unlock the next mount, create new jewel...

Understanding this patterned behavior of the jeweler trade may make deciphering other trades easier. For example:

For a Tailor, components are one or two fabrics.
Proficiency goes: jutte, wool, cotton, then maybe silk?
Tasks go: refine, make components, make products.
Products go: basic four (shirt, gloves, pants, shoes), bags, headwear, shoulder wear, upgrades, then maybe capes?

Start out refining jutte into bolts of jutte andleather in streatched leather squares.
Next, make linings for coats, gloves, pants and shoes.
Then unlock coat shells and make coats, glove wraps and make gloves, pant wrapsand make pants, and shoe soles (leather) and make shoes.
Each of the above only requires two components, a liner and another part. Also make jutte bags (use only jutte), and Runes of Life (combine leather and Jutte).

Then unlock the use of glittering dust, bone shards, weak blood, and other totally unrelated and illogical items in combination with jutte to make better bags, insignia and runes.

At this point one would expect to graduate to wool according to the jeweler pattern, but I ran out of jutte before I could achieve level 50, so I cannot carry this comparisson any further.

Hope this helps!
The Unbunny
The Unbunny
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Duke of Oh Look I Agroed

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Post by Ravenscroft on Mon Jun 11, 2012 7:16 pm

When I hit level 50 of leatherworker I had not yet graduated to new materials. I was instead creating armors with more complicated insignias/or whatever they were called. so to create level 20 armors i was using an embroidered mod rather than a plain one.
Duke Ravenscroft
Duke Ravenscroft

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