Vampire (or Snake) FANGS

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Vampire (or Snake) FANGS Empty Vampire (or Snake) FANGS

Post by The Unbunny on Fri Dec 26, 2014 11:46 am

Please give us an optional face armor: fangs.  I'd actually consider giving up Bunni zu Heltzer's eyes to have fangs.  It would probably be very difficult for a Charr or Asura to display, perhaps so other likely option could be extended to them. 

Even better would be to make fangs available as a face-morph available only via Total Makeover Kit.  Such a high-demand face morph would sell a lot of kits...

In fact, since Makeover kits differentiate by Race; maybe Humans could have fangs, Norn could have a third eye (or just one), Sylvari could get cornsilk hair,and Asura and Charr could have whatever might appeal to them.
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