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GW2 Videos

Post by Ravenscroft on Tue May 22, 2012 5:02 pm


GW2 Videos
Please note that, just as much of the rest of the forum is, this contains spoilers.

Major Youtube players that have tested out Guild Wars 2 and given their opinions. There are plenty of other videos out there both on and off of Youtube about the game that show off some of the mechanics that are new to Guild Wars, but these are just a few. Out of all the videos, TotalBiscuit's are much more relevant. He has a degree in journalism, looks into these things quite extensively, and had a good degree of contact with the developers of the game.

Jesse Cox is an avid WoW player and criticized the game a lot, often wrongly, but he did provide some good coverage. They are entertaining and somewhat informative, but not entirely correct. In the end he says it is a solid game that people should play. He are the two videos he made during the beta weekend- ... e=g-user-u ... e=g-user-u

Note: Do not take anything he says seriously. He is, for lack of a better term, a complete noob, but he tries and he provides some decent and entertaining coverage.

TotalBiscuit posted a number of videos, of which are more accurate and contain more developer involvement.

The first is his first impressions video,

and the second is on underwater combat.

Story Mode Dungeon ... e=g-user-u

Charrzooka ... se&list=SL

((Note: TB (TotalBiscuit) also played WoW for six years))


Re: GW2 Videos
I can also recommend the youtube channel of the Yogscast which has a playlist of all of their GW2 Beta adventures, including a class highlight video on each profession, the 3 races so far, and elite skills of those 3 races.

These guys are a youtube institution who gained most notoriety from their exploits in Minecraft but they spend a lot of time demoing other games and offering commentary and impressions. Their quite funny if you like humor from across the pond and they also get into some adventures with total biscuit and Anet devs.

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