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thought of impovments Empty thought of impovments

Post by eipao on Sat Jun 29, 2013 11:11 am

loadouts are second hero tabs that would allwoy for a quick change for armor and weapons: for example if you have a set of MF armor and a Healing set of armor you would have to use 7 spaces of inventory to store that amror and make 7 click to change into that armor if areanet could provide a hero equiment expantion slots at the gem store it would make playing more fun and provide income for the areanet

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thought of impovments Empty Re: thought of impovments

Post by The Unbunny on Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:48 pm

Reader's Digest version: I like it!

Longer version:
Buying additional hero screen tabs like the armor tab and the town-clothes tab to facilitate quick armor changes would essentially provide the character extra storage.  Currently, ArenaNet charges 600 gems for a character to gain one spot to put a container; the character must still obtain the container (box, bag, pouch) which might cost 3 gold or more if the character wants a 20-slot container.  If these extra tabs at the top followed the current pattern, they could completely replace everything the character equiped; potentially 6 pieces of armor, 4 land weapons, 1 back item, 5 accessories, 1 underwater headpiece, and 2 underwater weapons, and 3 gathering tools - 22 slots.

While play would be greatly eased by these tabs, the cost might reasonably be substantial.  IFF the exchange rate were 100 gems for 1 gold as it was at launch, the cost might be 600 gems (as for a storage container slot) + 300 gems (approximately, for the cost of equivalent capacity container) = 900 gems.

While this may sound steep, I'm for it!  

Complication might be percieved when players want to change their traiting and skill bars along with their armor to effect a complete build change.  My answer to this is that ArenaNet feels that game balance calls for characters to leave the dungeon/mists/combat and visit a town to change traiting for a reason and allowing us a quick-change ability for equipment would not invalidate their reasoning regarding trait changes.  I'd be very happy to accept the hero-tabs as a wonderful help and accept that the game still preserves hurdle that requires players to work a little to play the game.
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