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notable updates

Post by Ravenscroft on Tue Jun 11, 2013 2:59 pm

I always post the game update notes in their own section but three of them were notable enough this time that I wanted to make a separate thread for them so they did not go unnoticed.

Globs of Ectoplasm can now be salvaged into Piles of Crystalline Dust. This change should help Globs of Ectoplasm maintain a strong value in the economy and lower the cost of Crystalline Dust. so be careful!

World Ability Points have been refunded to all players who earned them. Changes were made to Arrow Cart Mastery, allowing players to reallocate their points. This is a one-time reset.
They made a change to the arrow cart ability line and felt it was only fair to give us all back any points we had invested thus far so that there would not be a riot when people who had invested heavily in that ability were suddenly angry at it having been reduced.

Polla, Biviane’s doll, is now available in the Upgrades category of the Gem Store. This special doll commemorating Cobiah’s sister can be equipped in the accessory slot and is available for free to all players.
Apparently there is a new free item in the gem store so go grab yours before it gets pulled down.
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