Control Ideas post BWE1

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Control Ideas post BWE1

Post by Ravenscroft on Tue May 01, 2012 11:32 am

So while playing the first beta weekend I made some control changes that seemed to really help, and post BWE I thought through what would have made it easier and wanted to share so I don't forget and so others could benefit

First of all E and Q are redundant in my opinion because the right click hold steering from GW1 is still present allowing you to strafe with A and D when held. So I immediately re-speced those keys to be more like my set up for GW1. I assign Q to show all friendly npcs as it allows me to click it momentarily when I need to see names etc. This frees up LAlt as I like to use that for mumble push-to-talk as it can easily be pressed with a slide of my thumb. I also keep middle mouse wheel button assigned as push-to-talk as well for situations where i need to jump or use an alternate method easily.

double clicking to dodge is great but it doesn't work in all instances as you could potentially pause your movement and not go as far out of the danger zone as you had hoped, so i bound dodge to a key to force the character to roll. I started out putting it on E because it seemed close at hand, but that left me unable to retain complete control of my character as i was trying to move right (d) etc as i had a much harder time pressing both keys. After the BWE I realized that I could have put it on LShift and made things much easier as my pinky could hit that key as i have for years in GW1 to find the closest target, a function no longer so necessary in GW2. So with that I would bind E as target closest enemy so that I still have the ability to find that closest guy who may be behind me, but not give it such prominence in the immediate hand resting keys.

I decided to bind X as weapon sheath/Draw for fun factor and especially for the char as it allowed me to switch from all fours running to standing at will while outside combat.

My keyboard is fancy and has macro keys down the left hand side so i placed the map key on one of the middle keys that i could easily find with a stretch of my pinky finger which helped immensely because I found that you constantly need to check the map in GW2. And I bound the weapon swap key to a few of the buttons on the lower set of macro keys so that all I had to do for weapon swap was to roll my hand sideways and mash any of them. Very handy on my norn guardian as i was able to switch from melee to ranged my simply flailing my hand Very Happy

ok so im done dumping my brain here now. wanted to make sure i didn't forget what i had learned and hopefully put some new ideas out into the ether.
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