Dungeon - Citadel of Flame - Story Mode

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Dungeon - Citadel of Flame - Story Mode

Post by Aerofighter on Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:28 am

Spoiler Alert! What you are about to read is a in depth analysis on the Citadel of Flame Story Mode.

Story Mode (Level 70)
Difficulty: Easy.
Duration: Medium.

Big group at beginning
Don't rush in. There's actually 3 different groups so fight them one by one.

Bolok Firebringer
Firewall: Projectile with AoE-ticks (extreme damage). Medium damage per tick. Can't be blocked. Basic attack. "Pulls right hand back".
- If close dodge to avoid first tick, otherwise just move bit.
- Dodging may prevent AoE (requires good timing, may require everyone to dodge).
- Walls stack quickly which can instantly kill you so watch out.
At 75%/50%/20% spawns two minions.
- Kill.

Rozgar the Forge
If you pull Rozgar far enough he resets and starts slowly walking back. However you can still attack him (this make Greatsword-phase extremely easy).
Starts with Greatsword, swaps to Hammer at 75%, swaps to Axe at 50% and swaps to Dagger at 25%.
Two summoned weapons: Based on Rozgars weapon. Takes no damage. Uses weaker version of Rozgars skill.
GS Whirlwind Attack: Dash with PBAoE-channel (high damage). Medium damage per hit.
- Stay away from walls. May cause extreme damage if Rozgars uses it against wall.
- Careful with Crippled, Chilled and Immobilized. Slower dash means more damage if he reaches you.
- Dodge.
Hammer Swing (1): Melee. Low damage.
- Dodge or get out of melee-range to break attack-chain.
Hammer Bash (2): Melee. Medium damage.
- Dodge or get out of melee-range to break attack-chain.
Hammer Smash (3): Melee. Medium damage and Knockdown. "Glows and keeps hammer back for few seconds".
- Get out of melee-range.
Axe Splitblade: 3 projectiles (cone, medium damage). Low damage and Burning (1 s) per hit.
- Dodge to prevent most of damage.
- Condition-removal if you get long Burning.
Dagger Stealth (1).
Dagger Teleports to target (2).
Dagger Ember Strike: Slow dash with PBAoE-channel (medium damage). Low damage and Bleeding per hit.
- Keep moving to avoid most of damage, dodge if needed.
- Call Rozgar when he appears to allow everyone quickly focus.
- Condition-removal if you get intense Bleeding.

Flame effigies
Wait patiently to no not get overrun, effigies wake-up one by one.
- Or just run through and skip everything.

Second Waypoint (after cute cut-scene) and bridge
If you wait about 10 Fiery Jellies (Immobilizes) will spawn at Waypoint.
- Or just run and skip (respawning bit dangerous then).
Ambush from behind when you attack group on bridge.

Hierophant Improaster
Spawns Fire Imps. Putrid Explosion: PBAoE. High damage, Burning (3 s) and Launch. Self-destructs. "Big red circle".
- Get out of area or kill before they explode.

Flame Legion Effigy
Acolytes: Occasionally lower their shield and start rapidly healing Effigy.
- Stay near them and kill fast.
Fire Aura: Inflicts Burning on huge area.
- Run out of arena to get out-of-combat regeneration if needed, especially if you want to melee.
Firestorm: AoE-ticks (extreme damage). Medium damage and Burning per tick. "Bends forward and raises arms".
Fireball: Projectile. Medium damage. "Pulls left hand behind."

Gaheron Baelfire
Logans Forcefield: Breaks Boulders and turns the into a Molten Heart.
- Use condition-removal to remove long Burning and wait for out-of-combat regeneration if needed.
Boulders: Extreme damage on contacts. Leaves Burning Trail (inflicts Burning). "Pulls left/right hand behind".
- Usually 3 left, 3 right, 3 left, etc...
Molten Heart: Throw at Gaheron to deal damage. Deals low damage on carrier.
- Use Swiftness/mobility and avoid Boulders.
- Watch out ground for red circles (Fireball).
- Don't get too close to Gaheron (deals damage).
Fireballs on area: Delayed AoE. Medium damage and Launch.
- Use stun-break if needed.
At 75%, 50% and 25% Gaheron turns vulnerable and you can go hit him normally.
After 75%: Gaheron's Magma Wall: Blocks movement. "Raises arms and shouts stuff".
- Destroy, run around or wait for boulders to destroy.
After 50%: Double Magma Wall. "Animation gets unreliable".
- Don't panic if you get trapped between walls. Either fight your way out or wait for boulders.
After 25%: Triple Magma Wall:
After 25%: Iron Beam: High-range cone. Low damage and Knockdown.


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