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Canach Solo Dungeon Solution Empty Canach Solo Dungeon Solution

Post by The Unbunny on Tue May 28, 2013 5:00 pm

The final content for Southsun Cove Living Story went up early May 28, 2013. You MUST first complete a Solo Dungeon to get Canach.

To approach the dungeon start at Lion Point Waypont and enter the caves where the jump puzzle starts, go to Ember Passage Point of Interest, then proceed to the new yellow star labeled Living Story. The NPC is labeled Single-Player Instance Entry. He admits you.

You cannot damage him with any attacks, but they do reflect back at you. If you are suicidal, go ahead and try!

Step one. Pick up a mine detector. You need it. Really. Then hit button one once. You won't need that button again.

Step two. Using the attached map, use button 2 on the mines located approximately at the red dots (bombs), 3 on the ones at green dots (poison), and 4 on the ones at yellow dots (caltrops). The glow will turn from red to green. DO THIS QUICKLY. They are now friendly mines and will go off when an enemy of yours gets too close (for instance, Canach). (NOTE: the poison mine with the red circle around it may not spawn.)

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Step three. Once you take over the poison mine in the main chamber where he is, you are ready to play follow-the-leader. There are many more mines in that chamber, but you cannot get close enough to take any of them over without agroing him. Position yourself so the poison mine is between you and him and approach him. Once he charges you and sets off the poison mine, move to the bomb that you took over near the chamber exit.

Step four. After it explodes, exit the chamber staying to the right so that you lead him to the next bomb. Watch for the glowing on top of the bombs to change to yellow, when this happens he is about to detonate all nearby mines so stop moving forward and go back where the mines have already exploded. After about 5 seconds he should have detonated any mines nearby that are still active and you should quickly resume leading him to more mines. Bombs are the best because the do the most damage quickly. You should have plenty of bombs to finish him off!

Don't worry about your skills or traits, they are unimportant.
Move quickly, the longer it takes, the more chance he has to set off mines or worse, re-arm them!
Don't waste time with buttons 1 or 5 on the mine detector.
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The Unbunny
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