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Post by Ravenscroft on Tue May 01, 2012 11:17 am

This website seems to contain a reference of all GW2 recipes sortable by crafting profession and materials

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The database also contains information about skills and items as well. I'm not sure if this is going to somewhat replace the idea of a GW2wiki or if it is simply a complementary service.
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Recipe Database Empty Re: Recipe Database

Post by BlondieJess on Sun May 20, 2012 9:49 pm

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Click the thumbnail and then click the Photobucket Image for a full-size map.

In the 14th May Stress Test, I took some time out to find where the Harvesting nodes/food items were at the start of the game. The image above represents the combined amount of 2 or 3 different servers. I originally thought that the nodes were fixed per account but depending on what server you entered into, (eg main server or overflow server x,y,z etc) the nodes would spawn on the map differently and could be harvest as if were new.

From my current findings (using a basic harvesting scythe):

- A Herb Patch Node can either yield 1-2 Heads of Garlic or 1-2 Parsley Leaves.
- A Blueberry Bush, yields 1-2 Blueberries.
- A Onion Node, yields 1-2 Onions.
- A Root Vegetable Node, yields 1-2 Carrots.

I need to look into if a higher quality scythe increase the yield gained or cause the node to yield different items.

Most of the Numbers on the map are related to node spawns but a few are quests where you can trade with a NPC for food items after helping them.

Nodes seems to be located: near bushes, Cliffs and Fields in this area.


1 = Herb Patch Node

2 = Loaf of Bread, farmer diah (help farmer diah quest)

3 = Blueberry Bush Node

4 = Onion Node

5 = Apple pie and Apple (farmer Eda quests)

6 = Root vegetable Node

7 = Root vegetable Node

8 = Onion Node

9 = Herb Patch Node

10 = Herb Patch Node

11 = Root vegetable Node

12 = Root vegetable Node

13 = Onion Node

14 = Onion Node

15 = Blueberry Node

16 = Root vegetable Node

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