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Post by Ravenscroft on Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:29 pm

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This link will take you to the GW2 forums and a rather complete guide to WvW and an explanation of how it works.

What Is World Vs World Vs World?
Well in a nutshell this is what World Vs World vs World is (WvWvW): It is a form of Player vs Player Vs Enviroment in which players go to one of four ‘battlegrounds’ and fight to take control of different ‘Outposts’ against two other severs. With each ‘Outpost’ you hold, depending on the size and importance of the ‘Outpost’, you get given a certain amount of points every 15 minutes. The more ‘Outposts’ your sever controls, the more points they get every time there is a point tally. The winner is the server with the most points at the end of a one week match up.

Generally you want to find a group of people to stick with, unless your very good at PvP you will not last long solo. You can spend time defending positions you already hold, running supplies from camps to keeps, or assaulting enemy positions to take them for Stormbluff Isle.

Commanders may be present on the battlefield to help organize the chaos, they can be seen on the minimap as a small blue triangle and given that it costs 100Gold to get a commander position they are rarely amateurs.

WvW takes place across 4 maps that are all massive. 3 borderlands which belong to the 3 servers involved in the war, and the Eternal battlegrounds which is the centerpiece of the battles where it is expected the most heated fighting will occur. All of these maps have PVE mobs, points of interest, skill point challenges, events to participate in, vistas, and even jump puzzles. Though beware that these puzzles are intended to be PVP and therefore are extremely hard to complete.

You earn PVE experience while in WvW and your character is leveled up to 80, but your skills, traits, and gear are not so it is not a full upscaling. You can harvest, get kill varieties, and complete your dailies while in WvW.
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