General PVP introductions and Brief Overview

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General PVP introductions and Brief Overview Empty General PVP introductions and Brief Overview

Post by Ravenscroft on Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:07 pm

General PVP is free in all sense of the word. You start at level 80 and earn glory for your winnings and activities which causes your purple glory experience bar to rise. You are awarded chests and rewards for PVP as you progress.

All armor, weapons, runes, jewelry, sigils etc are free from the pvp vendors in the heart of the mists and can be obtained at will from them for no cost. Given this when you have completed PvP for the day you can safely delete your extra PvP weapons from your bag with no fear of losing anything so long as you have deposited any unique skins you have earned to your PVP locker. These wardrobe looking cases are a place to deposit items like additional runes or skins and once an item is added to the locker it can be freely withdrawn as many times as you like, with the exception of boosters and consumables unique to PvP that are housed here such as glory boosters. Additional pvp skins are obtained as rewards for participation.

You can participate in general pvp by going to the match maker who stands on a raised platform and has crossed swords over his head. here you can browse pvp games in progress which are broken onto individual "servers" not to be confused with game worlds. By clicking play now you join a random game and start playing immediately, by clicking Join Game you join a specific highlighted server. This allows you to enter a game with your friends but does not guarantee that you will always be on the same team in the game.

General objectives in this form of PvP are to hold defense points, capture enemy points, destroy enemy resources, and fight enemy players. Each map has unique resources and some unique mechanics such as the presence of trebuchets, team buff commune points, or NPC veterans that can be killed for additional team points.

Tournaments are entered into as teams and you are guaranteed to stay with your team in an elimination style tournament. My understanding is that some require and entrance fee and some do not.
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