HERO Homeworld to be Stormbluff Isle

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HERO Homeworld to be Stormbluff Isle

Post by Ravenscroft on Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:31 am

ArenaNet has stated, and we have confirmed, that players may join a guild from ANY homeworld they pick.

So a European player may pick a European homeworld for improved latency and performance, but still be a member of HERO if they so chose.

Similarly a US player may chose to join hero without switching to the Stormbluff Isle homeworld if they so chose.

HOWEVER, Anyone who wishes to participate in PVP or WVW with HERO members and defend/fight for our guild and homeworld MUST be a member of the Stormbluff Isle homeworld. Being in a guild that is not widely housed on your homeworld will not prevent you from participating in PVP or WvW but you will not be able to participate with other HERO members off your server and therefore will not contribute to the same fight.

My recommendation is for all USA players to plan to move their characters to Stormbluff Isle if they have joined from another server in order to fully participate in the guild activities. I would at this time however not recommend the same for EU players because I suspect the increase in latency etc could be detrimental to gameplay for them and lower the amount of enjoyment they would receive from playing the game. At the end of the day we want people to have fun here, not feel that they need to suffer for the community in any way.

EU players may want to guest in to Stormbluff Isle to determine their performance before making any permanent changes. Keep in mind you cannot participate in WvW while guesting though, so this is not a solution to the predicament.
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