We are playing with fun-titles

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We are playing with fun-titles Empty We are playing with fun-titles

Post by The Unbunny on Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:13 pm

Fun titles are the ones under some peoples avatar picture, for instance BlondieJess is the Duchess of Design. Some of you may not have one, don't worry, its not a requirement. Some of you may have one you do not appreciate, let us know and it will go away; if you don't like it, it isnt fun!

We are also playing with the clipart that accompanies the fun titles. Since the titels are unique (and meaningless as far as actual rank or seniority goes) there are no limits on clipart other than those imposed by good tase and forum size restrictions. Let us know if you want in on (or out of) the fun!
The Unbunny
The Unbunny
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Duke of Oh Look I Agroed

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